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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 38 No. 22. September 11, 1975

NZUSA boosts students' pay

page 2

NZUSA boosts students' pay

Cartoon by Hector Breeze of a student in a State Services Commission office

University students who work in government departments these holidays will get approximately 80% above the wages paid last vacation.

The new rates of pay, which were released by the State Services Commission in a letter to NZUSA last month, mean that student vacation workers' wages will now be based on wage scales paid to full-time workers in the public service.

Students engaged in whole time manual work will be employed as wage workers and paid in accordance with the State Services Manual Workers' Youth Scale which is as follows:
Daily Rate (Working Days)
Adult (Age 20) $13.04
Age 19 $12.98
Age 18 $11.38
Age 17 $ 9. 81
Age 16 $ 8.82
Age 15 $ 7.83

Where vacation workers are employed as labourers, the adult rate becomes payable at age 18½.

All other university students shall be paid the following rates which equate to steps 4 - 7 of the basic grade of the Office and General Assistants Scale, Occupational Class 025.1. Students over 20 are paid at the adult rate:
Daily Rate (Working Days)
Adult (Age 20) Graduates Teachers & 4th year University and Teachers $15.76
College students $15.76
Third year Students $14.45
Second year Students $13.06
First year Students $11.67
Under the State Services Commission's new policy school leavers who may have pre enrolled but have yet to start at university will be paid at lower rates, along with other secondary school students:
Daily Rate (Working Days)
University Entrance or Higher School Certificate $ 7.38
Entry to VI Form, Lower VI Form Certificate or 4 years Secondary School $ 6.54
3 years Secondary Education $ 5.86
Under 3 years Secondary Education $ 5.19

Married students under the age of 20 will be paid the standard public service married allowance provided they meet the standard conditions for this allowance which is basically paid only where the employee is supporting a dependant.

Overtime rates for student vacation workers are time and a half of their hourly rate (1/8th of the daily rate) for the first three hours of overtime and double time thereafter.