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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 10. 22nd May 1975

The Exec : Business as usual

The Exec : Business as usual

Swear, curse, mutterfuck ... I suppose I'd better get this bloody thing done sometime, especially when my editor tells me to do it. Good man, old Bruce. If he were'nt there, telling me to write this article, you wouldn't be reading it, because it wouldn't exist. And you've got to feel pity for the bloke. Not only does he put up with the mad Henderson and all his idiosyncracies, but he has to put up with the even wierder Colin Feslier and Anthony Ward. Anyway, to the article.

The meeting started off in its usual meteoric way with the minutes being corrected and received by one vote to nil. A discussion on the nature of sports council took place — a discussion which proved fruitless because nobody (including the sports officer) seems to know anything about it. Correspondence didn't exist because Robert Pui forgot to put it on the agenda, but it was discussed anyway. Nothing particularly important came up under this non-existent topic, to the detriment of nobody in particular.

The Executive then named the official subsidised delegates to the Knock-na-Gree Overseas Students Conference in Auckland (which, incidentally, will be finished by the time this issue comes out). The people are: Guru Nathan, Ali Quetaki, and Robert Pui. May the non-existent Lord have mercy on their souls.

There was discussion on the possibility of installing a Xerox machine in the office, and decision on the subject was put off until proper costings could be done. The Exec. than discussed the quality of the food at the Capping Ball. All I can say on this is that it would have been ambrosia compared to the crap they served us up at Waikato. Consider yourselves lucky, Victorians, for the quality of the food you have now. It may be only average, but its still bloody good for the price. More about the Waikato food, I suspect, in the article on the NZUSA May Council.

And now to finish off, a quote from the meeting:

'Otago are very narrow-minded — its so far south, it shrinks the brain', Barbara Leishperson,

'Most of my relatives live down there', John Persevere.

'Well — that explains it then', Barbara Leishmaster.

PS While I'm at it, the Labour revival on campus seems to have come to an end. Judy Tizard has resigned from National affairs officer, and Kevin Swann has been appointed in her place until an SRC election can be held.