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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 10. 22nd May 1975

Steely Dan : Katy Lied (Probe)

Steely Dan : Katy Lied (Probe)

Steely Dan 1975. Katy Lied is upon us with another dose of mainstream rock and roll, restating the basic themes of Countdown to Ecstacy, but this time concentrating a bit more on the rockier side of their style, best exemplified by 'Do it Again'. Kicking off with 'Black Friday' they move out. A hard-driving guitar exchanging leads with Donald Fagen's straightforward keyboards is balanced on top of a pulsating bass. Three rather nondescript ditties follow and then they rock on for 3.59 on Doctor Wu. This time Steely Dan strike gold and really boogie. Nothing too original but they combine a wealth of mid-Sixties rock influences in a refreshing way.

Side two opens with an absolutely insane chorale called 'Everyone's gone to the movies', successfully, as its lyrical inanity is completely overwhelmed by sheer enthusiasm. 'Chain Lightening' is another exuberant exercise in toe-tapping that seems to be a natural by-product of this group. Though their playing is hardly unique and their singing is occasionally hampered by ridiculous lyrics, they exhibit a control of the basic rock format that is Invigorating and that bodes well for the group's long-term success.

In fact, it is their ability to play three-to-five minutes rock songs in a jaunty, up-tempo fashion without becoming redundant or superfluous that may well make Steely Dan the thinking man's alternative to Slade. If you think, why not hear them?