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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 10. 22nd May 1975

The Inside Story — Who's Who in SRC..

page 4

The Inside Story

Who's Who in SRC...

SRC started off this year with a new sense of organisation. Some hard work through the holidays by incoming exec. members saw a new approach to SRC. The Educational Officer, International Affairs Officer, National Affairs Officer were all given committees and budgets of $50 in order to carry out relevant SRC policy. Also presented at the start of the year was the SRC policy document which details all the major policy motions of the Association.

The SRC coordinator, John Roseveare, was very energetic and did a lot of work getting the whole system of SRC reps off the ground. Nearly all the many positions have been filled and most of the reps are very busy. Improved organisation has seen more new people attracted to become SRC reps and in joining in on the various ad hoc and official committees.

The new spirit of organisation running through SRC has meant that the Exec. has become mostly a financial and administrative body leaving the actioning of association policy to SRC reps. However there is the problem that SRC could now become too bureaucratic but so far the extra organisation has been beneficial.

But I suppose you readers want the gen on the pricks what run SRC. So for those of you who never bothered to turn up and for those of you who did but can't remember, here is the definitive explanation of exactly who runs SRC:

First to be mentioned must be the New Catholic Left (NCL) represented by Paul Swain, Pat Martin, Pip Desmond, Mike Dew and many more. The NCL are important because they generally vote as a bloc (a rather large bloc at that) and have a disproportionate influence at SRC. Many close decisions are swayed one way or another by the NCL vote. The NCLers are strong believers in 'grassroots' organisation among students and are active at course, department and faculty levels in the main. Their main contribution to SRC is the humorous Puketitri Paul Swain who knew a Mrs. Merry weather of 3 Drovers Grove, Eketahuna who knew a person who knew someone who went to university once, and this person saw someone get drunk... NCLers also form most of the Arts Faculty and Prof. Board reps. But this year the NCLers seem to have become more introverted and distant from students than last year.

The NCLers have tended to overact to signs of immenent bureaucracy such as John Roseveare's rather omnipresent person as SRC co-ordinator. While there is no doubt that John Roseveare is somewhat of a bureaucrat some of the NCL attacks have been neither reasoned nor constructive.

The Ward-Henderson-Robinson clique (Salient) has tried to be constructive and non-factional (ha! ha!). Apart from the famous John Henderson this clique prefers to be rather low key in approach — however they seem to get most of their motions passed.

One of the newer arrivals is in fact quite old, in fact the Old Catholic Left. Having only two members (Pat Durgnan and Margaret Fahy) the OCL has a habit of concentrating on Civil Liberties, confidentiality type issues but has done good work in those fields.

A new development at this year's SRCs is the glib Gibb or bright Wright clique which is not so much a clique as a way of life. This way of life can be seen at any SRC where the word 'piss' appears on the agenda. Kevin Wright actually found his way into this way of life when he was made an offer he couldn't refuse ($100 of Studass subsidised piss). Its been well over a year since SRC has seen any opposition to the 'left' but unfortunately this way of life is not very articulate despite great endeavours to encourage participation by John Roseveare and others.

SRCs had just started changing format at the end of last term. Previously all meetings contained; one funny speech by Puketitri Paul Swain about a friend of a student who knew someone living in Eketahuna ....one motion disagreeing with the Chairman's ruling by Colin Feslier, one bout of complete chaos as Robert Pui took the chair, one serious motion that was not discussed much and one trivial motion that was discussed for half an hour. But things change and now SRCs are being taken more seriously. While there is still a tendency for the silent majority that elected John MacDonald to only turn up when the words 'Capping', 'piss', or 'donation' appear on the agenda, more seem to be taking a regular interest in SRC.

Most of the people who have been turning up to SRC seem to be willing to listen to arguments and vote on that basis instead of just following their own prejudices blindly. The problem is at the moment that people are too easily convinced and SRC is lacking some spirit.

SRC this last term has shown a consistent abhorence of 'motions of principle' as opposed to specific motions of action. SRC policy has been full of so many holes in the past that association representatives have been unable to act quickly on a wide range of things because policy isn't general enough. In the good old days this problem was solved by acting first and passing the requisite motions afterwards. (It still occurs). If we are to ensure that reps act in the best interests of the association we need to give them broad policy to enable them to act quickly on any number of specific issues.

SRC still needs more people to turn up and desperately needs new and entertaining speakers.

Lastly, a rather sad ending. John Roseveare has resigned as SRC co-ordicator which means that organisation of SRC. SRC reps, etc. could become a bit wobbly.