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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Volume 38 Number 8. 1975

You Won't Get Me Involved!

You Won't Get Me Involved!

Bruce John

, Anthony (alias Salient),

I feet disgusted and betrayed by this year's Salient. To think that you are using our hard earned (bursary) money on such egotistical drivel!

What form of editorship is it that allows the skiting useless repartee so blatant on Page 3 of last week's issue? It is just this sort of vain self-interest which has led to all corrupt governments of the world.

If you think that the 'Henderson — how many times is my name in the paper' style of reporting is likely to get students 'active' and 'involved' in the worn out jokes known as SRC, NZUSA and so forth, you're quite [unclear: wrong].

Whats more, there's no point in countering this claim with 'I'ts your paper, come in and help; for I have no desire to work within a power/egotism structure that is even choking its own ideals.

Although I had no respect for the arrogant, unrealistic political aspirations of last year's Salient, at least I admired its spirit, care, and genuine humour. Your brand of pathetic left-wing bleating against the establishment poses no more challenge than a piece of cold luncheon sausage.

Why not reduce the number of pages if you don't have the time to turn out a passably attractive — i.e. well layed out, issue? Over the 20 pages I find less than four of genuine news anyway.

More suggestions would be useless under the present leadership so, with my strained sense of obligation, I will continue to read my paper.


Thomas Proctor