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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Volume 38 Number 8. 1975

When Will the Academics Learn To Speak?

When Will the Academics Learn To Speak?


In the midst of all the crap which surrounds us at Vic it suddenly occurred to me in the middle of Dr. Harper's Math 206 lecture that it needn't be like this.

Presumably lecturers have a genuine interest in their subject and presumably really want to convey this interest as well as the 'facts'. The trouble is that its taken me a year to realise that.

To be a university lecturer you need no teacher-training — just knowledge of your subject. If you're not qualified as a teacher you're not good enough to teach in primary or secondary institutions but you can 'teach' at university and get paid twice as much. All the good will in the world (and some don't even have that) doesn't make a good lecturer. The sooner some training is made compulsory the better — failing that a classifying system fo all lecturers in the orientation handbook, would at least fore-warn students about bad lecturers. Lecturers are here to teach us, not to be so wrapt up in their own little world that they aren't even aware of students' understanding level.