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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Volume 38 Number 8. 1975

Starve-ins Again?

Starve-ins Again?

Dear Sir,

With so much hue and cry about bringing out orphans to New Zealand, perhaps we should look at another alternative to the Vietnam problem. May I suggest doing something that unites everyone to one cause and is a great sign of sharing together to help others less fortunate than ourselves (even without our bursaries). Remember the year of 'Hoe into Hunger' and its subsequent fasts and starve-ins? Remember the huge help given by students to Biafra and Pakistan?

Its now time to unite forces once more and help people that we've been directly involved with. Some of those children could be part Kiwi.

Starve-ins are on again. 'Fasting for Friday' and saving the money we don't use for food to feed the starving properly by actually growing food in their own villages and towns. Let the grounds of Vietnam grow again. So how about it? Starve on Fridays and help our fellow man.

Patrick O'Hagan,