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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Volume 38 Number 8. 1975

Campus Catholic Counter-Attacked

Campus Catholic Counter-Attacked

Dear Salient,

At last Friday's SRC I was roundly abused and criticised for political inconsistancy and dangerous lack of adherence to any one 'line'. I sympathise with Ms Fahy's undoubted annoyance at my opposition to the SRC expressing support for the Repeal of the Official Secrets Act Group (ROSA) at a previous SRC and I would like to do her the kindness of being offended by her rather long and turgid remarks as to my political anarchy. I regret to inform her, however, that I have to admit to feeling myself complimented by both what she had to say and the amount of time she felt bound to spend saying it.

Those of you who read the material I circulated at election time last year may remember that I said that many might consider me apolitical. I'm afraid that I was, and still am, quite disgustingly proud of that. It is an infinitely better stance to take than one of slavish alleigance to any group which purports to oppose some injustice. I do not think SRC should support groups about which it knows little or nothing. That is why I spoke against a motion expressing such support and that is what I said to it. I am not in favour of the retention of the Official Secrets Act and voted for the motion which opposed the Act. I was not, and am not, in favour of my association blindly affiliating itself with any group that agrees with me on that.

SRC does not exist for the promulgation of some transcendant 'line'. It is the vehicle by which students, any students can express their views however much these may offend Ms Fahy's obviously sensitive political sensibilities.

I suspect that it was not so much my 'inconsistency' that Ms Fahy objected so vehemently to anyway; not my refusal to adhere to any political line. No, her outburst strongly suggested that, in her eyes, I was guilty of a much greater sin in failing to adhere strictly to her political line or be consistent in my agreement with her views on anything and everything. (Tut tut!). If this is being 'dangerous' then I sincerely hope that dangerous I will stay. I would also suggest that Ms Fahy's apparent views represent a far greater danger than mine ever could.


John Roseveare,

SRC Co-ordinator.
People's Union

Residents required for the house. Must be interested in food co-operative and local community work.

226 Adelaide Road.

Ph: 894-041 Office and 892-190 House.

Resistance Bookshop

Will probably be shifting to new premises at 144 Willis Street.

Assistance in re-shelving and the shifting of stock would be much appreciated. Office/work space for political/social/cultural organizations will be available at the new premises.

Anybody willing to spend an hour or so looking after the shop please ring Clare at 559-576.