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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Volume 38 Number 8. 1975

Capping Week Timetable

Capping Week Timetable

What Its All About

In recent years Capping Week has diminished considerably in both the scope of its activities and the involvement of students. This, in the opinion of the Capping Controllers, is not a desirable state of affairs. Capping '75 is thus intended to reverse this situation and bring back (for a week or so) some life to campus.

Many students, especially first years, will be unaware of Capping Week and its associated activities. Previously Capping consisted of drinking piss. busting up pubs, drinking piss. breaking windows, drinking piss, terrorising the locals and drinking more piss. Those days are gone and, although this year's Capping festivities includes opportunities for drinking piss, the busting of pubs and windows is discouraged. There is something for everyone in Capping and it you want anything out of it you must get involved.

What's On

All week: The Bar will be open from 4—7pm every afternoon in the Cafe and the Takeaway Bar will be open at the same time.

Monday 28 April — Stunts.

Stunts can be the most satisfying part of Capping which is why we're having them (ahah) and they're going to be good (ahah). In past years successful stunts have included the proposed resiting of Wellington airport in Glenmore Street and an ensuing petition and demonstration, and the sponsorship of public transport by providing free train and bus tickets. One veteran has been threatening for years to chain the cable cars together; will this be the year? A prize of $20 is up for grabs for the best stunt.

Note: (Stunts must be approved by the Capping Controller, and this is done by filling in a form setting out particulars of the stunt, and handing it in to the Studass Office).

Tuesday 29 April - Treasure Hunt

This requires students to bring unusual items to the Quad between [unclear: Rankine] Brown and Easterfield at 10.00am. The most unusual entry will receive a free ball ticket or $15. There is also a second prize of $8 and a special prize for the best entry with a political flavour.

Drinking Horn and Pie Eating Competition — 2pm on Tennis Courts

New Zealand Breweries has generously agreed to sponsor the drinking horn which will consist of jug, 8-oz. and interfaculty events. The fastest 8-oz. drinker will get a free ball ticket. Big Ben Pies are sponsoring the Pie Eating Competition which will involve the consumption of 3 pies in the shortest time. Free beer is provided to help the pies down. 1st prize -1 Ball Ticket.

.... I'm off to the Pub.

.... I'm off to the Pub.

Wednesday 30 April

Wednesday is more or less day of rest at the moment. To make it even more so we have a suitable film at 2pm. 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' — is an almost perfect movie, full of easy-to-follow dialogue and tons of wild visual thrills and Gimmicks, freaky sound effects, and a plot so simple it could be followed by amentally handicapped gorilla. Unreservedly recommended for people thinking and taking a nostalgic trip back into the movie magic of childhood.

Thursday 1 May

Forum On Population 12-2 pm Union Hall Speakers include -
  • Terry Auld
  • Cathy Wilson
  • Father Healion

Films: 2 pm Theatre

An action packed double feature from the Pinewood Studios in England, 'Cruel Sea' — a naval drama based on Nicholas Monserrat's powerful novel and, 'Dam Busters'— considered to be the greatest British war film ever made.

Capping Hop - 8pm-2am in the Cafe

If you went to the Orientation Hop, then don't miss its follow-up. If you didn't come then Don't miss out this time. Admission is $2 a head, which gives you 5 cans or 7 nips 50c for non-drinkers — toasted sandwiches also available (cheap).

Friday 2 May - Rock Concert: 8pm Union Hall

Tapestry and Dragon appear in what should be one of the best rock concerts on campus for some time.

Saturday 3 May — Capping Ball 8pm-2am Union Hall

For the paltry sum of $15 double, the Capping Committee had in its infinite wisdom, seen fit to provide sumptuous meal, with wine, a boundless supply of alcohol and (as if this were not enough) - music by Quincy Conserve and Tapestry.

This must be the best value for money for the Ball Season. Tickets available from the Students' Association office.. See You There.

S. Underwood,

R. Drummond