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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 2. March 11, 1975


By this stage in the year, students should have a fair idea of what their courses are about, what their lecturers are like, and where the toilets are. Few however know very much about the Association set up to serve their interests in the University.

A cursory glance through the Orientation Handbook tells of the Executive, where the fees go, the various bureaucrats employed to keep the Union building going, and so on. There were a few references to SRC (Student Representative Council), though only scant attention was paid to its essential function in the running of the Association. Every student is a member of SRC, and can speak, move motions and vote. SRC is the body that decides all the non-financial policy of the Association-its reps having to accept its direstions if they do not, or are remiss in other ways. SRC has been quick to rebuke them.

Apart from deciding policy, SRC also elects students to serve as its representatives and enact its policy decisions.

The more important positions will be filled at the SRC meeting on Wednesday March 12 from 12 noon and a quick glance at the nature of the committees your representatives will be sitting on should be enough to convince you of the need to be there. These people will be your voice on all sorts of issues and university committees that directly affect your life as a student.

The Students' Association is not controlled by the executive. It is controlled by SRC, which means it can be controlled by you. Our student representatives are there to make the university correspond with your needs and your aspirations at all levels. To do that they have to know how students feel and what they want.

So on Wednesday, go along to the Union Hall and vote, ask questions, or stand for election yourself. Be there!

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