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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 2. March 11, 1975

A Christian Science Lecture

A Christian Science Lecture

'A valuable asset of our society today is a compelling desire in people's hearts to find effective ways to ease and end human suffering. This kind of commitment is strong in the hearts of many university students today.

'But a big effort to destroy suffering is having only a small effect. Poverty is resistant to correction. Hunger is much too common. Disease and pain hang on and take uglier forms.

This talk digs into the causes behind our failure to put an end to suffering. It investigates such questions as:

Is there a Supreme Being, a power recognised by Dr Einstein and described by him as the 'illimitable superior spirit'?

Do external conditions such as environment, chance, actions of people, shape our experience? Or do our own thoughts and motives do this? How do the answers to these questions bear on solving our troubles?

Is there a way to improve and renew our useful institutions? Can we (as individuals) help to eliminate evil and multiply good in the conduct of our institutions?

Wednesday. March 12, 12.30 pm. The Lounge, 1st floor, Union Building.