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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 2. March 11, 1975

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

Ladies, gentlemen and students,

Today we are celebrating the imminent fall of Phnom Penh. (All salute the Red Flag). The maggot-ridden reactionary running dogs have fled into the arms of the American imperialist paper tigers, and in their wake the victorious heroes of the Cambodian people are preparing to set up a new, democratic system of government by the Cambodian people. Long live the Revolution!

Things have not yet reached this stage here in Muldoon's own country. However while the Wellington chapter of the NZCRSSFPA (New Zealand Communist Revolutionary Subversive Student Free Press Association) realises that the Revolution is by no means nigh, it is trying to make the great day a little closer. If you, too, wish to become the kind of student your mother always warned you about, see the following committee members of the the NZCRSSFPA in the Salient office:

Colin 'The Beard' Feslier, David Tripe, 'John Stupid Revolutionary Communist' Roseveare, President Sacksen, Vice President Hooper, Secretary' I have nothing to do with Salient' Pui, Martin Doyle, John 'Salient Notes writer' Henderson, Phil Tree, Lynnus 'Distributus' Peckus, Julie McBride, Marcus 'Ultraleftus' Darbus, Monty Arnott's Floating Circus, Quentin 'Cartoon' Roper, Bruce 'the' Robinson, Marty 'Pontius' Pilott, Rachel Patrick, Lionel 'Building Program' Klee, Don Wright, Liz Rowe, Brian 'Wordsworth' King. Derek 'Troost Tobacco' Fikkers," and last (and certainly least) David 'William Tell' Waghorn.

Anthony 'Every job too big' Ward attempted to edit the NZCRSSFPA publication, June Strachan typeset it and Chris Haggart and Stephen Prendergast scraped together a bit of advertising. Photography and general psychiatric work was very efficiently done by Stephen Prendergast.

Advertising Enquiries

Ph Chris (58452)

Ph Stephen (552469)

Salient is published by the Victoria University Student's Association and printed by Wanganui Newspapers Ltd, Drews Ave., Wanganui