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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Volume 38, No 1. March 4, 1975

Prof Board Notes

Prof Board Notes

The Professorial Board held its [unclear: monthly] meeting on 13 February. Of particular interest to students were the following decisions:
the Board accepted the recommendation of the Library Committee on the need for uniformity in the hours the Main Library and the Law Library (now on the sixth floor of the Rankine Brown building). They agreed that the hours this year be:
Mondays to Fridays 8.30 am - 11 pm
Saturdays 9.00 am - 1 pm (first term)
9.00 am - 5.30pm (second term)
Sunday 1.00 pm - 5.30pm

The Committee also noted the extreme shortage of room about to face the Library with the changes in the building allocations with the need to move people out of Hunter. It is hoped that at least periodicals will be able to take over extra space on floor by the end of the year.


On the insistence of the student reps, the pre-set examination timetable available to students before enrolment was discussed. The reps outlined objections to the scheme raised at the Students Assn Exec the previous night and asked for the timetable to be deferred in view of a number of complaints made to the Students Association. This didn't meet with the Board's approval - the motion going down heavily but a compromise motion, consisting of the pink questionnaire circulated at enrolment was passed. At the bottom of this questionnaire was given the information that any students seriously inconvenienced by the timetable should see the Registry about possible alternative arrangements (this mainly applies to students who in previous years have been advised to take courses this year that are not now possible).


With the retirement of Professor Slater, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (to whom the Board expressed its appreciation and best wishes by acclamation) certain restructuring of University Committees is under way.

Drawing of a tall castle


What is the Court of Convocation? If you don't know, don't feel at all sad because hardly anybody else does either. Actually, it is all those graduates at Victoria University who haven't died or become otherwise untraceable. Graduates of other New Zealand and overseas universities are also eligible to apply. This glorious and select group is responsible for electing six of the 20 members of the University Council. So now you know!

The reason you are being told all this is that elections for council are coming up in June of this year. At that time three people are to be elected by said Court of Convocation.

To put a round story square, this article is really a report of a meeting of sometime members of the Court of Convocation interested in supporting a ticket of three candidates, for the June elections. Chaired by Terry McDavitt (ex City Council candidate). The meeting decided to approach three people with a view to convincing them to stand on a united ticket. Matters concerning the group include the current building programme student representation, assessment and the interaction between the university and local residents. For those interested, there will be a further meeting of the group on Sunday 17 March, at 7.30 p.m. in the Board room.