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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

Salient Office: Middle Floor. Student Union Building, phone 70-319

Published by Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association, Private Beg, Wellington. Printed by Wanganui Newspapers Ltd, Draws Avenue, Wanganui.

It hart been a hard weeks work for the folks at the Salient People's Defence League. As a part of the new efficiency introduced after this, year's annual self-criticism session. It was decided to go "professional' and enter the shadowy world of cloaks, daggers and the brigadier.

The first move was obviously to bug the opposition — that bunch of throw-outs from the police and army known as the "Security Intelligence Service'. Using last year's Guides to Demolitions and Engineering as our trusty guide, we entered the premises of 175 Taranaki St and planted enough bugs to keep Nixon's men happy for hours. We also took the precaution of setting up tele-photo video-tape equipment in a strategically placed flat across the road.

Tired but happy, we returned to the offices and were settling, down to a few quiet beers when our equipment went mad — the Brigadier was talking to Muldoon!!! What follows is an unedited transcript of their conversation: Piggy: (Splutter) Have you heard about me nearly being killed in Auckland last night by that mob of commie drug addicts?

Briggy: Yup, Heard it on our monitoring equipment.

Piggy: Monitoring equipment? Briggy: Yup, We was monitoring the NZBC. Piggy: Well are you going to do anything about It?

Briggy: Yup

Piggy: Well for Gods sakes? You're meant to defend private citizens like me from this sort of anarchist brutality aren't you?

Briggy: Yup. I mean well urn that is what we're here for isn't it? We've already um, you know, traced the you know masterminds behind the um attempted you know assasinatton.

Piggy: You know who they are?

Briggy: Yup. It's that um raving bunch of you know nihlists up at the Salient offices dammit.

Piggy: Do you know what they were doing there?

Briggy: Yup, They've got a new sub-group called Task Force. Jules Maher drove Margot Bourke, Christine Haggart, Mark Derby, John um Ryall. Lloyd Weeber and Claire you know Smith up to Auckland armed with brand um new flour bomb mortars and an AK-47's. They forced good National party supporters from Ponsonby at gun point you know — people who were really behind the um speculators and um landlords inside the meeting to come along and abuse you. And they had Robert Pui, David Waghorn. Pat O'Hagan. Richard Siegert and Derek Fikkers inside picking the speculator's pockets — their wages can't have come through from Peking this week.

Piggy: Well do you know what the others in the Salient office are doing?

Briggy: Yup, Graeme Simpson. Alison McKay and John Henderson were in the office manning the radio directing operations and Roger Steele — the Editor— Audrey Young. Anthony Ward. Colin Feslier, Grub, and Keith Stewart (photographer to the gentry) were in the office cleaning mortars and sharpening the pitch fork. They said it was for 'stage two'.

Piggy: You don't know what "stage two" is?

Briggy: Yup, We don't know.

Piggy' Well, dammit that's what you're paid foryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggg!!!!

Briggy: You there Rob? Rob? Rob!!! The swines have done it again. Covered the poor man with flour and eggs and turned him into a bacon and egg pie. The bastards!!

Extra !

Evening Post 26/8/74

Mr. Muldoon said he had been kicked, punched, and hit by a flour bomb thrown by demonstrators.