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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

Student money

Student money

Dear Sir,

Although It is clear SRC does not represent the student body, this group has taken to appointing Itself to the management of students personal money. Removing money from the students pockets by railing the studass fee amounts to no lets than taxation.

The $235,000 added to an already mismanaged $148,000 or thereabout is intolerable.

As someone specified in an election leaflet, about 70c of the studass fee goes towards club grants.

I estimate (perhaps unwisely) that Salient takes out a dollar or three, end building funds and maintenance compose most of the rest. (No doubt you will have the actual figures published).

Is the executive planning to raise the salaries it so generously pays Itself? Must be.

Perhaps the money will be spent on new buildings?

One quarter of a million is a large amount to be put in the hands of the relatively unknown (to most) and unstable (?) executive.

Sir, I suggest that this matter should be taken to the university population ( or at least those who care about their pockets — which should be everyone) by including it anually on the voting forms for the exec. This would probably increase the numbers voting dramatically if nothing else.

Also I suggest Salient makes a lot more of SRC if it is so powerful. The particular meeting where the decision discussed above was made was not well advertised.

Salient is getting thin.

S.F.J. Doole