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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

Cockies and Wonac again

Cockies and Wonac again

Dear Roger,

A couple of points about two letters last week.

Kevin Wright seems to have missed my point entirely about the statistics. I argued that they were misleading — in reference to the two ending in 1971 he explains why they are misleading. That doesn't really help matters much. In relation to the farmers income graph I argued that the drop 74-75 was highly unpredictable, but seemed to be too extreme. Kevin's reply to this is to cite impressionistic evidence that prices are falling drastically. Agreed that they're down on the peak of the 72-73 season, but they're still far above those of the late sixties, which is where the graph would have them heading, given that output has increased. I entirely agree with Kevin's attack on PD's insane dribblings.

Debbie Jones' letter argues that pro-abortionists should not spend their time abusing people like Wonaac who at least get around to doing something. This is somewhat dangerous — my comments (not cracks) on Wonaac related to mistakes of organisation which Debbie admits in her letter. As my attitude to Wonaac at the Exec meeting showed, I am not rabidly trying to stop things getting done — I am merely concerned with their getting done reasonably effectively.

Further, no supposedly left-wing group should reject criticism purely on the grounds that it interferes with unity, which Debbie seems to be arguing here.

Anthony Ward

Bugs Bunny