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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

Licensing of apartment buildings

Licensing of apartment buildings

Dear Sir,

A recent correspondent in your paper commented that I had dodged a question he asked me at a mayoral candidates meeting by the Students ' Association. Indeed, he flattered me by suggesting I did so smoothly, but he is not right. I was interested in his question and undertook to have his problem solved.

I found that the Wellington City Council had not actively undertaken its responsibilities under section 317A of the Municipal Corporation Act, (a 1968 amendment) which requires all apartment buildings to be licensed. An apartment building is defined in the Act as any residential building containing more than two flats.

I am therefore grateful to your correspondent for his question, and advise that this position is now corrected. Council has now set the license fee payable, and inspections and licensing of apartment buildings has been instituted. This is being undertaken by the existing group of Building Inspectors who have been inspecting and licensing boarding houses. This group consists of a Senior Building Inspector and two Building Inspectors, and will shortly be augmented by two Building Inspectors from the Structural Branch who are nearing the end of the inspection of earthquake risk buildings.

Arrangements have also been made with the Chief City Health Inspector that Health Inspectors will undertake a complete survey of houses when carrying out their routine health inspection duties. When the establishment of the Health Branch has been strengthened a house to house survey will be instituted to complement the work of the Building Inspectors.

In the meantime, the Council will be pleased to receive advice of any property considered by tenants or neighbours to be below standard, be it an apartment house residential unit, of which there are over 3000 in Wellington, or a single unit dwelling.

I hope this Information is useful, and the actions now being taken will right the situation drawn to my attention by your correspondent.

Michael Fowler,

Chairman, WCC Works Committee.