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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

Assaulted by security guard

Assaulted by security guard


Friday night August 3rd, three students friends of mine were serverely assaulted by an unqualified hireling of the National Security Service at the Rock concert held in the Student Union Hall. Nobody connected with the incident could ascertain a valid reason for the guard's actions, infact when asked why himself the only response he made was to kick the questioner down the stairs. So much for this gorilla's aspirations to diplomacy.

However, apart from my disagreement with the government for allowing such an unscrutinized security system, my primary purpose, is to point out the Student Association's mistake In adopting such a banal and unsubtle method of concert control.

Unsubtle, because according to the well tested psychological principal: to expect and make accomodation for a certain type of behaviour increases the likelihood of it's occurrence. Surely then, the emplacement of uniformed heavies as a remedy for violence illicits that very response.

Also, student policy as I know it is against such fascist enforcement principals as those represented by such methods. By hiring the NSS because of past problems at concerts we admit the inadequacy of our policy, and show society that we must revert to its methods of policing in such a situation. If we cannot handle petty internal problems without these measures does it not make rubbish of any contrary belief, we may have about external maintainance of law and order?

Yes it does; but I'm sure that future concerts will see this mistake rectified by the cultural affairs officer.

John Mitchell