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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

No contradiction

page 19

No contradiction


I am hardly raised to reply to PD's latest rabilous ravings but one claim he makes deserves a reply. He claims I contradicted myself. This is not true. An examination of the facts will show in my original article I said "Many townies think that all cockies be they sheep beef, dairy or other type of farmer are well to do and get things pretty easy. Unfortunately this is the case with only a minority of farmers today" In reply to his letter I Hid "Firstly I would like to agree with him that many cockies have got it made pretty well end there is no question on whether they get things easy." What is contradictory about this? There are many farmers that ere pretty well off but there are still a minority group. I would also take this chance to ask PD if he Insists on writing this rubbish why does he not sign his name instead of hiding behind a pseudonym?

Kevin J. Wright