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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No 21. August 28, 1974

Nationwide University Super Scheme: or NUS for short

Nationwide University Super Scheme: or NUS for short

Dear Sir,

Proposals have been put forward for a superannuation scheme for student politicians This will be known as Nationwide University Superannuation or NUS for short.

This body will receive an income of $1.10 from each and every student In New Zealand, and will make grants to retired student politicians in the vicinity of $3,000 each. Other benefits to be offered include free overseas travel administered by the Superannuant's Travel Board (STB for short) and a New Zealand Superannuant's Annual Concert (abbreviated NZSAC).

Some difficulties are still to be overcome by negotiation. The most important of these Is the matter of tenure. At present the grants will be for one year only and this leads to financial insecurity and personality disorders. To combat this a special ingredient called Superannuants Triple Appeal with New Zest (STANZ) will be incorporated. This contains a longevity agent known as dimethyl bromide peroxide (DBP) which is distilled from the livers of ferrets and stoats.

This protect Is in the interests of humanity please support it.

Paul B.