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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 9. 1st May 1974

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

It was all quiet on the Salient front. Suddenly a shot rang out! Was it Grub with his camera catching the fylfot fetishists at their evil ploys? No, it was only the staff notes writer being shot for writing weak jokes. Never mind, we'll try again. All was quiet.....why? Because no students were coming in with any stories. Everything going sweetly, then? Or is it too busy to work? These May holidays when you're up in Eketahuna flogging off Cappicades by the gross, spend an idle moment by the family fireside dreaming up stories for Salient. We'll run them all — well almost.

This week's workers included Ahfo Wong, Richard Best, Graeme Collins, Mark Derby, Colin Feslier, Grub, Christine Haggart. Stephen Hall. John Henderson, Allison MacKay, Krishna Menon, Patrick O'Hagen, Marty Pilott, Robert Pui, Graeme Simpson, David Rutherford, John Ryall, Leslie Slater, Claire Smith, Brendan Smith, David Tripe, Audrey Young, David Waghorn, Lloyd Weeber.

The issues are edited by Roger Steele.

Advertising Manager: Chris MacKay (Home phone: 64-698).

Salient Office: Middle Floor, Student Union Building, phone 70-319.

Published by Victoria University of Wellington Students Association, Private Bag, Wellington. Printed by Wangsnui Newspapers Ltd, Drews Avenue, Wanganui.

Wellington Central Young Nationals congratulate John MacDonald on his election as President of the Victoria University Students' Association.

John, in his Manifesto said that his "Political outlook is immaterial......for on becoming President I will represent all Students". This means the Presidency will not be a platform for certain political philosophy which does not represent the true feelings of the Students.

We welcome this return to normality where all political groups can present their policies on an equal basis as well as allowing plenty of scope for personal initiative.