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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 5. 3rd April 1974

Mens Liberation

Mens Liberation

Dear Sir,

This time I think it inadvisable to submit my name.

It is a pity that NZ suffers from sex stereotyping of a particular virulent form. For thirty years I have been trying to get a teaching job and a library job and a science technician job and a lab technician job. All in vain because I am male.

The frustration for males must be a contributory cause to alcoholism, homosexuality and mental hospitals in NZ.

Speaking from experience, I had to get my degree in Library Science in India, because I couldn't get accepted by the New Zealand Library School. The NZ Library Association admits that its members are all women because in NZ and to a lesser extent in N. America, librarian is synonymous with female. Why?

"The day is coming for all that, for all that", when sexes will not be segregated into sex linked job opportunities any more. Why should temperamentally 'female' men be refused admission to jobs now carried on by women, and indifferently and without imagination at that? Many female librarians only work to get married, same with teaching, whereas most of the great advances are contributed by men, if they can get a foothold into a female stereo-typed profession.

Apart from that hurdle one has also to pass the red tape and restrictive practices exerted by the Education Dept. on prospective male teachers. And by the NZ unions and by the State Services Commission. When all these have erected their restrictive barriers, all that the reject (generally male) can do is to end up in a mental hospital or as a pensioner. . . .

What a waste! We all have our spark of creativity, male and female, and there should be no barriers to male creativity especially, as in spite of what Womens Lib say, it is generally greater in men than in women.

Why are the Modern Language Dept. of the NZ Universities patronized almost wholly by women along with the Library Schools and Hospital Ancillary staff training, while the men are supposed to be interested in 'male pursuits' such as rugby and process working stereo-typed as 'heavy weight lifters? Why should these men's brains, intellect go to pot?

As D.H. Lawrence said, "I will not be fully understood until about 100 years after my death", but he wrote, (and I am not being dirty as I quote from his texts "This will be the age of cocksure women and hensure men...")

M.A. Graduate,