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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 5. 3rd April 1974

Dental Nurses Besiege Parliament

Dental Nurses Besiege Parliament

Photo of dental nurses and police

600 dental nurses from all over the country marched on Parliament from a mass meeting in the Town Hall last Friday. Most bystanders thought they had good cause—more wages!

When the nurses reached Parliament they formed up in front of the steps. Muldoon came down, posing here and there for photographs. The nurses clapped him. What has National ever done for the nurses?

The delegation was allowed in Parliament but when a further group of nurses tried to take petitions to their individual M.P.'s they were refused entry by an officious old man and a policeman, both of whom insisted that "organised groups were not allowed in the house." When refused entry at the main door, the nurses proceeded to enter by every other possible door.

When M.P. Adam-Schneider took the nurses from his electorate into the House the other MPs passed such witty comments as "How come you get the pretty ones?" M.P. Gander when asked what he thought of the demonstration said, "It's marvellous, they're so neat and tidy." When the delegation came out an hour and a half later, Tizard had given in and had signed a five clause agreement stating that the government would take an agreed case to the Wages Tribunal to restore relativity with Public Health nurses.

It is obvious from the reception that the nurses received that if you want your protest to suceed you are halfway there if you look neat and tidy.