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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 5. 3rd April 1974

'We Have Taken Too Much For Too Long' — Forum on Homosexuality

'We Have Taken Too Much For Too Long'

Forum on Homosexuality

Four knowledgeable and concerned speakers were present at last Wednesday's Gay Liberation Forum. So also were a gathering of restless and uninterested students. It was like the converted rapping to the already converted; lacking in good gritty conflict, but also sadly lacking in solidarity.

Professor Robb spoke too briefly but managed to convey to perhaps a small number in the audience who had their ears instead of their mouths flapping, that the present law is unfair and unreasonable. The present law, he said, was also sexist. Homosexual behaviour is legal for women, but not for men. Robb stressed (too quietly the need for change. The ruling which makes homosexual activity illegal should be removed.

David Swain, university chaplain, informed the multitudes that there were only 15 references to homosexuality in the Bible. The church, he said, was concerned about the quality of life (hooray). Further, he reminded the uninitiated that Jesus believed that "all action without love in its deepest sense is sin."

"We are neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile," he quoted reverently. While David Swain saw homosexuality in a condoning light, he condemned incest and "exploitative" behaviour between individuals such as prostitution.

Rae Dellaca, peering from under a sinister Clockwork Orange hat, came close to getting worked up. Antagonism towards, and discrimination against homosexuality was not fair, and had its origins in immaturity, insecurity, religious disgust and repressed envy. The legal aspects were considered (e.g. single tax is paid by two married lesbians bringing up children together.) It was no new thing to hear about pig harrassment of Gay bars in Wellington. Aware people should know that the narks and pigs act under the most horrific states of repressed envy ever invented.

"We have accepted too much for too long," stressed Rae vehemently. And about 10% of the restless audience murmured silently.

Student Welfare Counsellor Mike Capper lectured on the genetic approach and the behavioural approach. He denied that homosexuality ever has been, or is, a sickness. It was noted that the Medical Association lists homosexuality on its lists of disorders, and it seemed little wonder that a substantial proportion of people worry that they might be homosexual, rather than feeling able to accept it.

By the end of the forum it was obvious that the attitude of society at large would need to change in a hurry, or Gay Liberation would lead its own personal revolution. Most fully agreed. So why wasn't there any visible solidarity and support among those present? Perhaps because we are all so extravagantly bound up in our own mid minds, here on Intellect-Farm, that we no longer feel concern, anger, love, friendship, solidarity or otherwise. Long live indifference!