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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 5. 3rd April 1974

Titman Exposed

Titman Exposed

Clark Titman, who thinks the Yanks won in Vietnam and is a proud member of the 'Friends of South Vietnam', has revealed himself. After a long absence from Wellington, Titman returned as vocal opponent of Andre Menras in his New Zealand tour.

Hauling out documentary evidence from his Pandora's Box suitcase, Titman attempted to take over both Menras' meetings at Victoria. When question time came, Titman stated that the NZBC would have nothing to do with Menras. But—"Radio Windy will have you, 9 till 11 tomorrow morning. There's just one catch; I'll be there to debate against you."

One could be excused for thinking that here was another Titman effort to have his voice reverberate throughout the capital. One could be wrong, however. Radio Windy's managing editor, Eddy Harris confirmed with Salient that Titman had never been in touch with him about any programme, let alone been given an appointment for a talk-back show. Harris said that Windy wouldn't have been interested in Titman anyway.

Men like Titman are very difficult to prove wrong when they talk of imaginary atrocities in the jungles of Vietnam, but when something such as this is provable then the rest of the Titman propaganda can be seen for the rubbish/ that it is.

Photo of Clark Titman