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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 1. 6th March 1974

Planet Waves: Bob Dylan. Special pre-release

Planet Waves: Bob Dylan. Special pre-release

"Sarah, this one's for you.........

On the back cover is a piece of autobiography: "Back to the starting point.... I dropped a double brandy and tried to recall the events...." and at last, he says: ".....the ole days are gone forever....." And what has taken their place? Well according to Planet Waves, nothing less than the joys of matrimony. Altogether there are at least six 'torch ballads': e.g. "....there's new frost on the window glass/ with each new tender Kiss...." (On a Night Like This).

It's plain that marriage ("you gave me babies one, two, three....") has cooled his fire: "I was in a whirlwind/now I'm in some better place..." and given new inspiration: "...suddenly I found you/and the spirit In me sings." (Some-thing there is about you).

In places Dylan is still bitching, only now he is able to confess: ".....there are those who worship loneliness/I'm not one of them/ in this age of fibreglass/I'm searching for a gem..." and it's pretty obvious that he's found it. The songs on this album document his emotional development and the corresponding changes to his music since, possibly 'John Wesley Harding'.

Through all this he still writes mighty fine lyrics: "You're beautiful beyond words/you're beautiful to me/ you could make me cry/never say goodbye....because my dreams are made of iron and steel/with a big bouquet of roses hanging down/from the heavens to the ground..." (Never Say Goodbye).

In fact the more I listen I'm convinced that this is Dylan's finest and faultless hour.

Together Dylan and the Band have put down ten great songs, all musically superb. Planet Waves is a positive and mature expression of love; an affirmation Of Bob Dylan's present peace.