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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 1. 6th March 1974

"Ars Est Celare Artem" (or, 'you know what you can do with your celery')

"Ars Est Celare Artem" (or, 'you know what you can do with your celery').

To those who have long welcomed the supply of toilet paper afforded by these sheets; to those who have taken time to pursue them in the past above all to those who have brought wrathful imprecation upon the seed of the unfortunates producing them; and furthermore (and heartily) to those for whom such activity is a strange and unknown experience; Welcome! By reading, you have taken the first step to participation in this effort which most of you are paying for; and this welcome is extended particularly to those who intend to take further steps.

Perchance you have indeed read this before, and have thought of commenting, complaining, writing something or even helping. Possibly you have observed its format, and decided that a pretty small group was writing the lot, and there was no space for such as you therein. I shall explain why a pretty small group was writing the lot. It was because in The Beginning (and there must have been one last year) there is only likely to be a small group at work...since when, people have been saying, Look, there is only a small group at work... it must be a Clique!

Thusfully I inform you, we are not a Clique. To tell the truth, we're not even particularly nasty. And we want everyone, huge numbers of everyone, to do something, since this belongs to us meaning you and us, not us meaning us not you. Since you are, therefore, us, we'd like you to give a hand Every sort sort of ability is required, for periods ranging from five minutes per year to 8,766 hours per year. We want you to criticise if that's all you want to do, write letters and articles anything.

Such a paper as this is thought of as primarily political. True or not, my aim in this section is to make purely literary opportunities available. I want literature poetry, political, insane, prose, drivel (in small quantities, I suppose....) in short. I don't want to run it, because you should be. I am not a literary editor because this paper is not run that way. It's run by anyone you, for instance—who turns up. So I'm helping it along. If you want to know any more about this, any help or suggestions for an article, call me or leave your number at the Salient office. I've started the year off with a review of a recent publication of particular relevance to first year students, but we're interested in anything you want to bring in. Now is the time to make Salient an open Shop.