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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 1. 6th March 1974

New Year: Old Enemies

page 8

New Year: Old Enemies

Opposition to ANZUS

Photo of ANZUS protesters

The Wellington Committee on Vietnam organised opposition to the recent ANZUS meeting in Wellington with a lunch hour picket (pictured) on each of the two days of the meeting (February 26 & 27) and a poster parade through the city centre on the previous Friday night (February 22).

The ANZUS Treaty which links New Zealand and Australia with the United States is this countries major military alliance. Its overall objective is to strengthen the relationships between the Governments at both the political and military levels." From its very beginning it has served as a channel through which the US can pass orden to NZ and Australia to make them better servants of America's aggressive policies in Asia and the Pacific and it is still effectively serving this role despite some apparent changes in New Zealand foreign policy since the election of the Labour Government.

Photo of a group of people, including a woman with white sunglasses

The Opening of Parliament

Oun Mihaka handing out leafletsl at the opening of Parliament. He had a banner declaring "You are Queen of White New Zealand Only".

The following open letter was distributed among the crowd at parliament to see he Queen arrive for the opening ceremony.

An open letter to Her Majesty the Queen of "England".

We the representatives of all the ethnic minority peoples of the so-called "Common-wealth Family" oppose your visit to the shores of our home for the undermentioned reasons.....

1)You are an imposter elected to your present position by the racist dictators who administrate our affairs, as Queen and Head of the British Commonwealth.
2)"Two races one people" this is only so between the "white English, European, colonizers" and the "white New Zealand offspring colonial majority".
3)At Waitangi many promises were made to us All but one was broken. You promised to keep our land, and you did.
4)Your past visits to our home have always left a bad taste in our mouths, to remember you by. (a) 1953 the Tangiwai disaster; (b) The Waitangi disaster.

And all the contributions you made to the bereaved of the unfortunate was to offer yours and your husbands sympathies and condolances.

Finally because of the dehumanizing, political and economical inequalities that exist today and the skilful deceptive measures, that your administrators go to present this racially equal and harmonious facade, we are compelled to continually oppose you status, and that which you represent.

Yours sincerely,

Na uri o nga tangata whenua: Ka whawhai tonu matou, ake ake ano.

T.P. Action

Photo of Tenancy protestors in Lower Hutt

Tenants Protection Association members demonstrating and handing out leaflets in Lower Hutt city.

(See story on page 2)

Photo of Paris Peace supporters

Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement

The Wellington Committee on Vietnam marked the first anniversary of the Paris Agreement on Vietnam with pickets and leaflettings.

Picket ting took place on two days, Friday January 26 and the following Monday, between 12 noon and 2 pm outside the DIC building which houses the Thieu "embassy ". Special leaflettings were held at the cable car, the railway station and cuba mall.

The leafier, of which more than 4000 were distributed, called for the thorough implementation of the Pans Agreement and exposed some of the violations by the US and Saigon administrations. It also called on the public to write to the Labour Government urging diplomatic support by New Zealand for the Agreement.

Contact: COV, Box 534, Wellington

Petone Rugby Team in South Africa

Photo of the Petone rugby team boarding a plane

The departure of the Petone rugby team for their tour of South Africa did not pass unnoticed. About twenty demonstrators protested the teams trip at the airport when (hey left on February 22—"Petone's day of shame"