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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Patch up job — in Karori

Patch up job — in Karori

A new type of youth club is being pioneered in Karori by university students working in close co-operation with local young people, some of whom are from the (so-called) '"Karori Gang ".

Meeting originally in the Karori Community Hall (1969—1971) this group of young people have had to meet in a disused double-garage for the last two years.

Resisting police opposition and attempts to close the youth club down by snob elements in the suburb, Kacori young people have over two years created for themselves a presentable club room known simply as the "Karori Teen Centre".

The centre can comfortably seat 50 people and is normally packed out on both Friday and Sunday evenings. A "Friday Youth Forum" has proven popular attracting guest speakers on a wide range of topics of interest to youth. A Sunday night coffee hour, musical or film programme also attracts a keen crowd most of whom are young workers. A team of counsellors is being built up for those who need them.

The centre is equipped with a movie projector for film screenings, a public address system for speakers and musical groups, plus full catering facilities in the kitchen. This equipment has all been paid for by fund-raising within the Karori community and is actually the property of the members of the youth club.

All this equipment is normally left set up in the centre which is left unlocked at all times. There are also facilities for repairing cars, and a large open air barbecue site on the half acre of land held in trust for the centre. It is proposed over the next few months to re-develop this land as a sort of farm, for whatever use the young people want to put it to.

The Karori Youth Club and its facilities are completely open to any young people who may be interested in coming. The centre is run by an action committee consisting of local young people from a wide range of different backgrounds, and with widely differing experience of life. Each member of the committee takes responsibility for one facet of the youth club's organisation e.g programme arrangements, publicity, catering, finance — banking or fund-raising.

Fund raising is carried on every Saturday and includes from time to time door to door collecting, raffles, car rallies, fairs and bottle drives. A grant is being negotiated with the new government's Department of Recreation and Sport for a dollar for dollar subsidy of all funds raised.

It is hoped eventually to be able to find sufficient voluntary staff to be able to organise activities and fully operate the facilities of the teen centre every night of the week. Towards this end the Karori Teen Centre is sponsoring a comprehensive 16 week Youth Workers Training Programme during November and early December. Although completely open to all who are interested in doing youth work, this course will be of particular interest to university students. It will be a part-time course consisting of weeknight (Mondays and Tuesdays) lectures and seminars.

Anyone interested in further information about this course or opportunities to do youth work is warmly invited to contact Richard Wardle at the Karori Teen Centre, 448 Ailington Road, Karori by day, phone 768207 or phone 554348 evenings.