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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

War in Kedah State

War in Kedah State

Dear Editors,

The Malayan People's Liberation Army have close contacts with the broad masses. The courageous fighting in Southern Kedah waged by the liberation army's shock troops and the expanded and strengthened guerilla areas have seriously disturbed the enemy. Since the complete failure of Operation Sedar, the enemy has mounted continuous attacks by deploying its infantry brigade using air and artillery support.

In a fierce battle which took place at the foot of Gunong Bintang in August last year, the Malayan PLA successfully repulsed the enemy's attack and wiped out a large number of Its troops. To cover up its mistakes the enemy directed its aircraft and artillery to bomb and shell the Gunong Bintang after quietly evacuating its dead and wounded from the area by helicopters.

Since early 1973, the liberation army has been carrying out extensive mine warfare. Twice, on May 22 and 31 respectively, enemy troops stepped on landmines. A number of them were killed and wounded. Another group of enemy troops stepped on a number of landmines on June 5. Eight of them were killed or wounded as a result of the explosion. On June 7, two more enemy troops were killed by landmines. Within a very short period, scores of enemy troops were killed or wounded by the landmines. This has dealt a severe blow to the enemy and reduced its troops' morale. To conceal its defeat, the Razak clique on the one hand tried by every means to suppress the news of its soldiers being killed and, on the other, extensively shelled Gunong Bintang, after quietly transporting its wounded or dead soldiers away.

In addition, a certain work-group of the liberation army unit, which is actively operating in Northern Kedah and the Thai border area, also successfully repulsed an enemy attack. The work-group was attacked by two platoons of enemy troops, totalling more than 70 men on May 17. Though outnumbered, the liberation army courageously fought back and successfully wiped out a large number of the enemy troops. The news of the enemy's defeat was heard everywhere.

The victories of the liberation army has greatly inspired the masses, and the masses are praising the bravery of the army in combat.