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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Support the Donation to the Vietnam Aid Appeal

Support the Donation to the Vietnam Aid Appeal

Dear Sirs,

Attached is an amended copy of the leaflet I put out last Monday to counteract a move to reverse the MSA decision to donate $200 to the Vietnam Medical Aid Appeal Fund. I have not much to add to this very personal opinion on what is simply and purely a humanitarian act. If it does get out of the grip of MSA the money will go to the British Medical Aid Committee in London. From there it goes to Vietnam in the form of medical supplies.

What remains to be said is that should the MSA reverse its decision, I shall disassociate myself from this body. If that happens it should not be said that all Malaysian students are lacking in charity as the decision will only be made by a small section of the total Malaysian student population. I shall be glad if some of those students who describe themselves as sincere Christians explain to me why they agree that the motion should be rescinded after openly supporting and voting for the motion at the AGM.

R. Pui

To all MSA members and sundry

You are all aware by now that the MSA has donated $200 to the Vietnam Medical Aid Appeal fund. This is the most significant act the MSA has done up to date. The resolution was passed by a tremendous majority of the members at the last AGM. But no sooner was this done than a move has been made to hold an SGM to rescind this good deed.

The need of the Vietnamese people is clearly established. Money is required to send medicine to help, heal and rehabilitate those innocent civilians wounded in the war. This need goes beyond the bounds of politics. Only those who are grossly selfish, mean, and inhumanitarian would deny the aid that they desperately need. Some of you who want to splash the money a free 'do" are merely emphasising your own selfishness.

How many of you would of your own accord give one dollar to charity? This is one occasion where we can give as a group and thus save you miserable individuals from having to make the agonising decision of giving your own money away.

Those of you who have voted for the motion and have changed your minds since are guilty of being irrational.

The way you think reflects very poorly on the MSA as a whole. Any attempt to rescind the resolution will show other people that they cannot have faith in what this association says or does.

You are also showing bad faith and lack of confidence in electing your new president who has promised to put the resolution into effect.

Those of you who are attempting to rescind the motion are doing the MSA a very bad turn.

You must vote against any attempt to rescind the resolution.