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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

The Minute Details

The Minute Details

Dear Editors,

The Secretary of the MSA reported at the MSA AGM he had lost the minutes of the association's 1972 AGM.

The association was thus subsequently unable to confirm the election of the president and his committee members to office.

The president tried to pin the blame for the loss of last year's AGM minutes on Mr Iboh.

Mr Iboh disclaimed any knowledge of the loss of the minutes from the secretary's files after he surrendered them over to the present secretaries (indeed two of them) of the MSA.

The truth is that the president is held responsible for the loss of the association's minutes. If he is sincere and knows what he is supposed to be doing he should have brought along his former secretary who has resigned under his presidency to the meeting.

The president and his former secretary are in conflict with one another. Members should have been told about this at the meeting.

The secretary who resigned did not come to the meeting for questioning.

In the final analysis the president and the existing secretary of the MSA are to blame and not anyone from the past committee of the MSA.

They occupied office illegally without any written records of their election. Were the minutes lost or still "misplaced" somewhere?

The Majority Converted Opinion