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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Razak Clique's Nature Will Not Change

page 26

Razak Clique's Nature Will Not Change

Dear Roger and Peter,

Due to difficulties both at home and abroad, the Razak clique was forced to announce that it was revising its policy toward the People's Republic of China. But it has constantly slandered China and prohibited the people of Malaya from freely visiting China. That is aimed at damaging revolutionary friendship between the people of Malaya and China.

The Razak clique has been monopolising exports and rice marketing in order to hoard more rice for speculation and has made huge profits. Since early this year, based on the increase in the price of rice in the capitalist international market, the Razak clique has increased the price of rice and created a rice crisis, causing the price of rice to skyrocket. Even Kedah, known as the rice bowl of the country, has been affected by the crisis. In June and July the shortage of rice was overcome thanks to the arrival of rice from the People's Republic of China. Nevertheless, the price for both domestic and imported rice is still much higher than the price of rice three or four months ago. This is because the authority controlling rice marketing refused to abandon its speculation. This has caused more hardship for the working people.

The Razak clique even blamed China for the increase in the price of rice. This is aimed at damaging the high prestige of socialist China among the people of Malaya.

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Musa Hitam, and the other officials made malicious slander against China for carrying out "trade speculation" and for "deliberately increasing the price of its exports, including rice, thus making it difficult to reduce the price of rice in our country". Such vile behaviour by the clique vividly reflects their weak and ineffective nature. The revolutionary friendship and militant solidarity between the two peoples of Malaya and China can never be sabotaged by any scheme or trick of the Razak clique and its officials.

The Razak clique not only slandered China for carrying out "trade speculation" but also coordinated with two big superpowers in an effect to instigate the trade unions managed by the worker-traitor movement to stage protest demonstrations against China's nuclear tests on June 27. China's objective in carrying out, the nuclear tests was for its own defense and the test was limited. The Chinese Government reiterated that it would not be the first to use nuclear weapons and together with world's peoples, is determined to eliminate nuclear weapons completely. But by adhering to their master's instructions, the worker-traitors confused right and wrong.

During the past few years, several major rivers and streams in Perak, Trengganu and Johore have been seriously polluted by wastes from tin mines, rubber processing plants and from oil palm processing plants owned by the big capitalists. As a result, fish, prawns and other living things have been destroyed and the people's health also threatened and their income has declined.

Why were the worker-traitors and the Razak regime pretending not to know what was happening in front of their noses? Why were they so concerned about China's nuclear tests, which took place on China's own territory, thousands of miles away from Malaya? This scheme against the People's Republic of China further exposes the nature of the worker-traitors of the running dogs and the puppet regime.

For a long time the Razak regime has prevented the Malayan people from freely visiting China. The regime imposed tight restrictions on those who wanted to obtain exit visas for medical treatment in China. Scores of people who returned from China were put under surveillance for an indefinite period by the police authorities. Countless applications to visit China were denied.

The revolutionary unity between the people of Malaya and China can never be destroyed. The scheme against China recently instigated by the Razak clique and its plots to sabotage the Malayan people's friendship for the Chinese people demonstrates that no matter how the Razak clique revises its policy toward China, it can never change its anti-people nature. The clique's despicable deeds will be resisted by the people of Malaya.