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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Lessons of May 13 National Massacre

page 25

Lessons of May 13 National Massacre

Dear Roger and Peter,

The May 13, 1969 Incident was a sanguinary massacre mainly against the Chinear. It is a thorough exposure of the executioner's feature of the Razak regime. It is the logical consequence of the policy of national oppression (which In essence is class oppression) which has been practised for years.

The plot of the Razak regime to keep on peddling the fraud of "parliamentary democracy" became completely bankrupt. Hence, on May 13, 1969. Che Razak regime, acting in accordance with the plan which they had drawn up well in advance, despatched troops of the Malay regiment which, with the co-ordination of UMNO gangsters, began by setting upon the people of Kuala Lumpur, particularly the Chinese there, and later, extended the big massacre to various parts of the country.

The number of innocent people, including women and children who were killed exceeded 3,000. The Injured and maimed were innumerable. Arson and looting occured every where. Tens of thousands of people lost their belongings and families and were left destitute and homeless. 90% of those who lost their lives and those who fell victim in one way or another in this inhuman bloodbath are of Chinese origin. How can the people forget this blood debt and let the Razak regime go unpunished?

Splitting national unity and engineering national massacres are the usual vicious tricks employed by all colonialists, old and new, in suppressing the people's revolutionary forces as well as in contending for sphere of influence. There has never been a single case of national massacre in the history of Malaya that was not the creation of imperialism and its lackeys. The May 13, 1969 incident was the most widespread and the most barbarous of the series of national massacres the Razak regime had created since it assumed power.

The Malayan people are against national massacres but are not afraid of them. This means the people should hold fast to national unity on the basis of national equality, resolutely expose and stand up to the policies of national oppression and national massacres and carry out extensive propaganda work to unmask the vicious plot among those who have been hood-winked; the people should steadfastly hit back at the enemy in self-defence when the enemy starts massacring. Only by so doing can the people repulse the enemy's attacks and reduce the sacrifices and losses of the people.

National struggle is in fact a matter of class struggle. The policies of national oppression and national massacre practised by the Razak regime are in essence policies of class oppression. These policies gravely harm not only the interest of the working people of the Chinese, Indian and other nationalities but also the interests of those of the Malay nationality. The working people of all nationalities can achieve their complete liberation only by closing their own ranks, uniting with all forces that can be united, taking the road of using the countryside to encircle the cities and seizing political power by armed force.

Yours sincerely,