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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Comrade Pete and His Right—Wing Opponents

Comrade Pete and His Right—Wing Opponents

Dear Frankie Pete,

What a surprise it is to read your coverage of the MSA meeting. For long I have been under the illusion that our politics (MSA) were being contested by student activitists — on two legs with no wings. Your acute observation sure exposes the political colour of the candidates. Did not realise me old mate Ken Lim is leftist and Dave Cheung a rightwinger. It's sure different with me Pete. To me they are normal blokes with some interest in student affairs — as such I will extend my help if it is of any use.

Isn't it a loss to the revolutionary movement when comrade Tom Iboh is converted into a right-winger. That's how you brand him. If he is a rightwinger — then you must be the super right-winger. Your tactic of calling people with whom you disagree as a right-winger reminded me of the sinister ploys of capitalist politicians — discrediting and mudslinging of opponents.

Now after reading your report which does not reflect Marxist ethics but capitalist arrogance I begin to suspect that you are a bourgeoisie spy! You sound like one of them. Real revolutionaries will love you.

Your arrogant patronising attitude towards MSA affairs is sickening too. Just lay off will you!

Now Big Brother Frankie stop kicking your fellow leftists who disagree with you to the other side. You will lose your comrades. They will become right-wing. Then you will be the only one left wanking (oops I mean left-wing).

You know the revolution will be greatly helped by honest and conscientious journalism. Didn't Comrade Marx insist on solidarity. Comrades beware the reactionary enemies who pose as friends.

Best of luck Pete!

Yours frankly

Talib b Zulphilip