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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Abortion and the Women's Movement

Abortion and the Women's Movement

Dear Sir,

I, like many others, was disappointed to see the way the pro-abortionists have perverted the women's rights movement. This accounts for the low numbers who supported the marches on Suffrage Day.

Auckland managed to have at the most, 400 marching. This is nothing to compare with the 5,000 people who, in July, marched there in support of the right to life. Wellington marches seemed to get a lot of abuse from the folk on the footpath. Three hundred were expected but only a third of that number materialised.

Christchurch had only 35 marching. Dunedin had at the most 100 people marching under pro-abortion banners.

That the pro-abortion campaign supported by relatively few should be associated with the women's rights movement involving so many, is a disaster. We women will not stand for this manipulation.

Abortion law reform seems an easy matter for the pro-abortionists, something they can sink their teeth into. But going for quick results means the main problems faced by women, those conditions which give rise for to the requests for abortions — inequality in social conditions — are ignored. The pro-abortion group leading the feminist movement at the present time takes the easy approach in the complex fight against discrimination against women.

Many of my friends, as I do myself, support fully the women's rights movement, but we abhor the proabortion campaign.


Jean Tiller.