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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

The Nature of Malay Chauvinist Policy

The Nature of Malay Chauvinist Policy

Dear Roger and Peter,

The Razak regime was groomed and installed by British imperialism for the purpose of suppressing the Malayan people's revolutionary armed struggle. It has been carrying on the colonial war by conducting frantic persecution of the Malayan people.

The Razak regime has indulged in various forms of bribery and corruption, swindling and plundering and formed a comprador, feudal, bureaucrat-capitalist class possessing enormous fortunes.

The regime has been going all out in consistently implementing a Malay chauvinist policy with a view to undermining the broad anti-imperialist unity of the people of ail nationalities and diverting the people's attention from the target of their struggle so as to maintain their fascist rule. It has arbitrarily included in the constitution the so-called "special Malay rights" which, in actual fact, means special rights for a handful of bureaucrats and landlords of the Malay nationality. It has used this stipulation as a trap to ensnare the masses of the Malay nationality as a weapon to oppress and fleece the labouring people, above all those of the Malay nationality, and as a legal ground for inviting Malay chauvinist sentiments as well as for discriminating against, persecuting and massacring the Chinese, Indians and other nationalities. However, the Malay chauvinist policy has evoked strong resistance from the people of all nationalities in Malaya.


Malayan Monitor