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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Eastern Cultural Concert Affair, No. 1

Eastern Cultural Concert Affair, No. 1

Dear Comrades,

There are two sides to every story they say, and I think there are two sides to this story — the Eastern Cultural Concert story.

I must congratulate the people involved also like a lot of people have done, on their tremendous performance and organisation. But, the success of a concert like this on the other hand will be a failure, if the true message of the stories depicted are not carried across to the audience. Is there a message, deeper and more important and relevant to the people performing than what is talked about?

They also say that, every action has a reason behind it; Can someone clarify for me what is the actual reason behind having books and pamphlets for sale at the concert, which are not relevant to the concert itself? I challenge the people involved to reply to my question, if they are sincere and really stand for what they believe. For me even if death is involved, I will die for what I really believe and not live a gutless coward, claiming to hold certain principles which I dare not even declare, and having to hide behind facades and false impression trying hard to justify personally that I still hold strong to what I have accepted as right. If there is a message different to what is on the surface presented, be bold enough to say it. Fear not if some feel it is wrong, for what you feel is right to yourself is more important. Do not cheat yourself, that is most important, although you may try to cheat others. In future think before you act...and if you are not bold enough to stick by what is the true purpose of your actions, do not act. Or else your Big Brother may be ashamed of you. All the best for future concerts. Big Brother is watching you....

Big Brother