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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

The History Behind Krishna Menon's Tirade

The History Behind Krishna Menon's Tirade

Mr Dear Sirs,

Krishna Menon falls in the same category as snakes which fortunately for New Zealand, are absent in this country. The reason for this being that the excess of sulphur accounts for their extinction. But the excess of sulphur does not prevent the likes of K. Menon from surviving in a totally foreign environment. As long as they can wriggle and twist they are quite contented. These are what snakes do anyway.

One cannot help but wonder why K. Menon if he is a Singaporean (the only K. Menon known to Malaysian and Singaporeans is the Singaporean one) failed to criticise the dictatorial policies of the Singapore Government. Why not question the actions of your government first before interfering snake-wise in Malaysian affairs. The national Service issue is one point. Most Singapore students preferred to escape the compulsory conscription — National Service by either going Down Under or to New Zealand and then make a desperate attempt to stay in the country. Most are scared to question the policies of the Singapore Government because the Singapore High Commissioner can be very nasty as experiences have shown. And the fear of victimisation when they do get home looms high. One wonders if K. Menon's presence in New Zealand is for the same reasons — that is to escape National Service and pray to god that it is not compulsory anymore in three years time.

So, Mr K. Menon, it is advisable to keep your snake-like tirades to criticising your own country's policies and leave Malaysian problems to Malaysian students. The Singapore jails are crammed with political prisoners and detainees but there is no reason why the government should not build more if the need arises.


Critical Democrat.