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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973



Dear Editors,

One cannot help marvelling at the frivolity of Asian student's politics on campus, especially of recent events pertaining especially to Malaysian and Singaporean students. Is this a desperate surge of sensationalism to disclaim the accusation of apathy by some? I wonder!

Imagine — losing an AGM'i minutes, and trying to find a scapegoat! How interesting! Could there be an explanation for this assumed loss? A petty excuse for 'damaging' the image of someone? Or perhaps an easy way out of trying to justify and explain the existence of some strange faces on the committee, since the last elections? I wonder!

And with reference to MSA, MSSA affairs; an unsuccessful and rashly drawn up plan for dissolution of MSSA by MSA? I wonder again!

What of the referendum?, or shall I call it opinion poll? which was supposed to reveal the true wishes of Malaysian students with regard to 'proper' representation! Gone with the wind? Blown away as quickly as it was thought up? Or lack of support? Maybe, there is no clear answer for a people who are undecided and irrational? And maybe, it was only the wish of one man, to satisfy an urge for bringing up controversy? Mmmm I'm amused!

Finally, how about this — having meetings which present an impression of formality, dignity and an intellectual thirst to abide by technical, legal and constitutional means, and yet constituting behaviours befitting clowns in a circus, and rowdy, disorderly maniacs with not only paper planes and balls flying about (MSA) and confusion about speaking and voting rights (MSSA), but also fear of 'interference' from 'foreign parties'! What a funny lot!

And ha! Guess I cannot finish here...what about students clamoring among each other, trying to protect and discredit a High Commissioner who is unaware of the childish and frivolous nature of the people he is dealing with.

On second thoughts, I'm not so much amused, but rather disgusted.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Elliot Todd Galbray