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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Where have all the Vegetarians gone?

Where have all the Vegetarians gone?

Dear Pete and Roger,

As I was going through the difficult process of waking up the other morning I happened to look out my window. Outside the sun was beaming Its full summer warmth and the green flowing grass shone in joy. Anyway in this letter I'm not going into mine or anyone else's sleeping habits but there are a few questions I would like to ask.

But they can wait till later. After all its bad to ask too many questions, even to people who have all the answers. No there's something more pressing on my mind, but then that went out in the middle age too. Stretching my back to my full length I lose sight of my feet which isn't too bad when you've got feet like mine but which isn't the reason I stretched my back.

No what I have to say is a complaint. It is specifically a complaint against Bruce Robinson who this year stood up at SRC and taking a leaf out of Lenin's book promised vegetarian meals and wholemeal bread and health foods if he was elected to the Catering Sub-Committee. He was and he didn't. This was quite a while ago and well-known ex(?) hippie Robinson was a vegetarian and could be expected to act in the interests of vegetarians if only purely from the motive of self-interest. Not only has he only managed to achieve a private and unpublicised jack-up with Don Gleeson to get vegetarian burgers at the takeaway bar on request (guess who's the only one that makes requests) but also it is a well known fact that as of recently he has started to eat meat again and has renounced vegetarians as "bourgeoise individualist scum" (no doubt to keep in with the VUW left-wing clique to which he has only been granted associate membership so far). If he hasn't the courage to honour his pledges or at least explain why he failed or if it is something he no longer believes in, then the least he can do is resign.


A Concerned Vegetarian