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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

The New Millionaires

The New Millionaires

Dear Sirs,

Kay Goodger in a letter recently made a weak attack on Dr Dunn who criticised that pseudo-revolution, the sexual liberation movement.

Of course the full weight of commercial interest are behind Kay Goodger and her colleagues. We see how those who recommend abandonment of censorship for example, are ready to impose a new form of control which involves a hidden and subtle conditioning of people's feelings. The explosion of pornographic material shows us that publishers are using the pseudo-liberation to bully people into a new conformity. A herd trend is noticeable especially in our peer group where many try to be in the 'right' crowd by jumping on this band wagon. Young folk have been obliged to take to 'free' sex, to be sexually 'progressive' even though they know they personally are not happy about it.

Nobody in the 'in-crowd' knows anymore when he/she is in love or just turned on. The pseudo-revolution — so-called because it liberates no-one—is advocated by many young 'radicals', has driven all meaning out of sex and caused some loss of a sense of the potentialities of sexual joy.

Meanwhile the Press being at the beck and call of the financial barons censors the vigorous opposition of those qualified and experienced enough to recognise the dangers of this 'revolution' and the new millionaires of exploited sexuality enjoy the in-flow of cash.

Yours faithfully,

M. Weston.