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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

The Class System in Sarawak

The Class System in Sarawak

Dear Sir,

If Charles Lian is still looking for the lost minutes he should waste no time finding out who lost them. Rumour has it that the High Com has them and also copies of past years minutes which are scrutinised by the Special Branch of the Malaysian Police Department which specialises in catching communists.

There has been a lot of rotten talk about being a true Malaysian.. blah..blah..Please exclude me as I am a true Sarawakian. The idea of 'Malaysia' is a British-Malay plot jacked up in 1963 to let the Malays take over Sarawak when the British decided to make a quiet retreat in the face of growing world opinion against imperialism.

Ten years after this federation of states was effected the economic welfare of the people is still the same as it was then. The racist government has remained in power by using the British method of 'divide and rule', playing on the racial fears of the people and enforcing racist laws. At the same time the Malay aristocracy has strengthened its position by sucking more supporters into its system through the conferring of titles and also by the sale of these. This class system is enthusiastically supported by the many Chinese millionaires as it is naturally in their interest to do so. This hierarchy is a branch of the British class system and is one of the many holds the British has over the so-called Malaysian government in maintaining their vast financial interest in the area.

People of Sarawak unite and fight against British-Malayan imperialism! Only traitors call themselves 'true Malaysian'.

True Sarawakian