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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

Das Salient header

Salient Vol. 36 No. 25, is the last of a species. Only emergent in the early months of this year the full bloom has now to be cut short as the end of the academic year arrives and the student press goes into hibernation. The Salient of 1973 will be remembered by many different people for different reasons, mainly political. Some may even call the paper heroic. In case they do here follows the list of Salient heroes and heroines, the people who have contributed in some way or another to Salient's weekly appearances in piles around the University, and beyond. Thanks are due to all those, far too many to list in this short space, who have contributed in the form of articles, reviews etc. Also special thanks to those kind and generous benefactors who came into the office at all hours with a word of encouragement in one hand and a pot of tea in the other.

Here scrambled across the next few paragraphs are the Salient workers. The editors, Franks and Steele, who were predicted to fly apart in April. Roger, son of a colonel from Rotorua, began the year talking of anarchism but with a bit of self criticism and social practise soon followed the mass line. Peter, son of a civil servant from working class Eastbourne, became an international traveller and briefly our man in Peking. Neil Pearce and Bruce Robinson, when not character assassinating each other, seemed to work in the general field of layout and sub-editing, except that sometimes the latter's uncontrollable ravings created more work than it produced. Graphics, graffiti, and cartoons were done by Bob Brockie, Gordon Clifton, Tom Scott, Don Franks (who also sat on the right side of the magistrate as our court reporter until Janet Oakley look over these onerous duties), Steve Smith, Oliver Robb, Gilbert Shelton, Ron Cobb, Robert Crumb . . . Typesetting was done mainly by our girl in Moscow, Claire Smith, but also by Irene Kennedy, Meg Bailey, and Diana Francis. Frank Pitcairn, Graeme Collins and Karen O'Neil performed innumerable and nameless tasks. Legal advisors Les Atkins and Warwick Flaus helped keep the size of the issues down. Remarkable photographs were taken by Keith Stewart, aided and abetted ably by Hilary Watson, Gyles Beckford and Mike Curtis. General staff consisted of Freda Cook (London correspondant), H. T. Lee (Sydney Bureau Chief), Joris de Bres (Auckland correspondant), David Tripe, Kathy Baxter, Gyles Beckford, Don Carson, David Cunningham, Cheryl Dimond, Debbie Tait, Rob Campbell, Rona Bailey, Jonathan Hughes, Meg Bailey, our man in Stalingrad (T.S. Auld), Graeme Clarke, Graeme Collins (a former colour separation expert), Lloyd Weeber, Susan Williams, Bruce Kirkland (who says he's been a source of inspiration all year), Helen Pankhurst, Wong Ahfo (who also provided many brilliant gourmet meals for the Salient workers as they rose to the occasion at all hours of the night), Karen Stewart, Les Slater (war correspondant), Ted Sheehan, Tony Ward, Stephen Hall, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all. Thanks to Cock Robin Wheeler and Mike Murphy for their work on the supplement in Salient 13. Special thanks to Patsy, Sharron, and Mrs Good-all in the office downstairs, to Joe Smith, and to the cleaners who had to fight their way through the chaos of our office.

Photo of two men waving

"Is at the Pope out there Leonard?"

"Niet. It's those Chinese loving Salient fools shutting up shop for a few months."

"Thank God for small mercies."

"Don't look so cheerful, they'll be back next year."

Salient Office

1st Floor, University Union Building, phone 70-319 (ext. 75, 81 & 56). P. O. Box 1347, Wellington, New Zealand.

Printed by Wanganui Newspapers, P. O. Box 433 Wanganui, and published by the Victoria University Students Association, Victoria University of Wellington, Private Bag, Wellington.

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