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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Twice Removed from Yesterday: — You Broke My Heart — So I Busted Your Jaw:

Twice Removed from Yesterday:

You Broke My Heart — So I Busted Your Jaw:

Two solid outings from Festival. Robin Trower used to be lead guitar for Procol Harum and here he unleashes a lot of the talent that could before only occasionally sneak out on tracks like "The Devil Came from Kansas". Side one has the strongest material, but have a good look for bubbles on the first track, they're all over my review copy and could trouble equipment better than mine. There's a light hearted imitation of Peter Kaukonen imitating Hendrix on side two and all in all a promising debut. He's a killer guitarist and this has had raves overseas. I also have it on the unimpeachable authority of Steve Kearney that Trower hails from Gisbourne. Make of that what you will.

Spooky Tooth are not the most consistent bunch in the world, and keeping up the tradition this fine LP was recorded after one of the most alltime dismal tours of America. In fact I bet Luther Grosvenor is sleeping a little uneasily these nights since Stealer's Wheel seem to have been the fastest sinking hype since Blind Faith. Wright's in top form, solid composition, good vocals, tight playing, the usual good things that happen when Spooky Tooth are on beam. Be interesting to see where they got from here, for since this record came out they've cot their old drummer back. Just stay clear of that Pierre Henry, guys.

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