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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

Buchanan Replies

Buchanan Replies

Dear Sirs,

Please allow me the privilege to solve the mystery of Puke. This group of pathetically understood pseudo shit-stirrers seem to have little else to do (except wank) than to systematically press their cynical comment forward on my letter 'Give us a fair go'. For their benefit, and for that of Joseph Smith, another Puke fuckwit, I will interpret my letter, seeing as how they don't seem to have intelligence to do so themselves.

My letter simply tried to point out that there are many groups, not only christians, who don't seem to get a 'fair go' in your paper. (Congratulations to Doug Conrad, unfortunately unknown to me, who seems to be one of the few to appreciate the various problems existing in your 'fair' paper as I do.)

And so you see Puke (Pathetically Understood Krapped out Experience) the letter is not rarely a 'mind-fucker' to those who have the sincerity to recognise the problema which confront us, It is only a problem for those who don't want to recognise the facts but merely wish to mope over the past instead of facing the future, surely sir, we must pity those among us who would rather live in antagonism than in fellowship.

This is indicative of a great percentage of the letters in your paper.

Yours in fellowship (hopefully for the last time,

H. Buchanan.

P.S. Judging by Joseph Smith's fucking wanked out comment I'm not likely to see him in heaven anyway.

Yours Jimi-no-more