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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

An Open Letter to Mr Peter Wilson

An Open Letter to Mr Peter Wilson

Dear Mr Wilson,

You don't know us of course, but we don't hold it against you. After all we can tolerate different life styles — some people like working and you like what ever it is you like. We don't mind all our spare cash going into funds controlled by the students (?) association, after all we are, as we have said, already broadminded, and a little bit of travel wouldn't hurt some of the exec members now would it? Anyway we'd Just waste it on meals, or clothes or rent.

We are long suffering too — we listen calmly to all manner of radical pronouncements made by student (?) representatives on our behalf — we watch the appreciable shrinking in the size of tea and coffee cups over the last three years with equanimity — we are still waiting, after three years for hot water to come out of either the green or red taps in lecture block one:— we understand that these things take time, and that more pressing concerns must come first.

However when (as we did tonight) we crawl away from our selfish preoccupation with our work in the library, and totter off to our(?) union building to find pommy psychiatrists on the bottom floor, vice regal piss- ups on the top floor, and no coffee on the middle floor its enough to make you wonder (about what we're not sure).

Anyway if you can tear yourself away from whatever you do in that secluded wing of our(?) building (do you ever get locked out of it?) and try and stretch the coffee service out for another six weeks we might even consider voting next year.

Yours humbly,

Douglas A. Wilson

I.R. Parker

D. Collins,

P.W. Bennett