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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

An Empty-barrel Ambassador

An Empty-barrel Ambassador

Dear Sir,

I could not agree more with "A Pissed Off Malaysian" when he said (Salient September 17) "We have a big chicken here". Yes Jack De Silva is not just a chicken but a chicken to be fried alive and eaten with 'plied lice'.

Being an encumbent of such an eminent position, it is extremely disgraceful to find that he still clings to his mother's apron and hides his face underneath it when called upon to expose facts in Gallery. To me he is nothing more than an empty barrel who is damn scared to face his intellectual opponents whom he knows would tear him to bits and pieces. I hope he will learn from this bitter lesson to keep his big mouth shut in future.

My assessment of him and shared by my friends is that Jack De Silva is certainly the worst ambassador that any country could have. Unfortunately in this case it happens to be Malaysia. He does not in any way measure up to the level expected of a person holding that high office. If this is the best Malaysians can produce, I can only say 'long live Malaysia'.

Frank Opinion.