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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

Marriage is Necessary

Marriage is Necessary

Dear Sir,

Kay Goodger's letter last Salient heralding a new age of sexual freedom points clearly to the misunderstanding of marriage prevalent in our society.

Marriage is very necessary as an institution in our society. It is the sign by which society knows that it must give special consideration and care to relationship which the two people have and are going to develop.

Marriage is the free association of a man and a woman who love each other, who trust each other's love, and who want to share the future together.

Marriage provides security, stability and something to be relied on for husband and wife; it provides a relationship and stable environment in which their children can grow; it provides a relationship which society knows has some strength and is reliable.

On this last point to lake a practical example, the commercial world knows that it can be lenient and patient with a married couple in financial arrangements for the relationship is more secure than that of two people not under an obligation to each other.

The picture of two mature adults going public in their total committment to each other, giving open testimony to the great trust each has in the other, is more beautiful than that presented by the advocates of sexual freedom their's necessarily involving a note of limitation or lack of total self-giving in a relationship between two people.

Yours faithfully,

Harry Theates