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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

A Grizzle

A Grizzle

Dear Eds,

In reply to Doug Conrad's letter in Salient (Te Ao-Marama) No. 22, who has attacked the small harmless personal shit-stirring letters such as sent in by PUKE. These letters provide a light entertainment in reading our very political centred paper, and good discussions arise from such letters. H. Buchanan has a good point, but if these groups which are supposed to be suppressed, sent in sensible articles they would be published (correct me if I'm wrong eds). Doug Conrad should take more notice of the letter "Not that I'm prejudice", and he would discover that this is the sort of person the campus does not need. Asian students are in this country to study, not to become Kiwis. They find friendship among other Asians. Also there are many "Wog" students, as they were called do integrate. One does not see groups of Italians or Greeks wandering around the campus does one?

A note to the new ed. of Cappicade for '74. As it has been noted by the Publications Board, that Cappicade did not make a large profit. Gyles get your arse into gear and produce a mag that everybody will want to buy, do not drag up yesterday's sick jokes.


A. Barriball.